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Membership Benefits

As a chapter member, you will receive advance notice of special events, priority with winter training or other special training events, and the opportunity to participate in NAVHDA testing events. You will also have:
Access to Training Grounds

Currently, the chapter is very fortunate to have a great location available for training sessions. The training grounds are located at a member's residence, north of Mandan. The location provides multiple types of cover and terrain that provides a broad range for dogs to gain experience with and has a swimming hole for the dogs to cool off during hot summer days, and one pond is large enough to work with dogs on long water retrieves. Training grounds reopen in Bismarck/Mandan on May 3rd!

Network with Experienced Trainers and Mentors


All versatile hunting dogs start as puppies, and all trainers start as novices at some point.  The chapter has members at all levels, from those who are training their first hunting pup ever, to those who have many years experience and run their dogs competitively in a variety of testing venues.  The more experienced trainers are available to help you become a trainer, and while they won't train your dog for you (what fun would that be?), they will be there throughout the process to answer questions, offer tried and true techniques, and get you over difficult hurdles when you encounter them.  It's also a great place to meet others who have similar skill levels. and maybe even find a new hunting partner.

Training Equipment


The chapter has training equipment available for its members to use. Equipment includes training tables, bird launchers and retrieving dummies, all free of charge.


Live birds need to be provided by each member, but can be stored at Dan's place if needed. 

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